KonTra is a highly efficient platform for development and operations of application logic that is typically provided as software services hosted on backend systems.

KonTra is following a modelling approach, where application logic is not coded, but modelled.

Existing models, that represent business services or products, can be used as a basis for your modelling.

This modelling approach helps to deploy new software services or products within a fraction of time as when developed in a conventional way.

The attributes of KonTra have a positive effect on various economical aspects.

KonTra is running on IBM Mainframe and is cloud ready at the same time. This facilitates the renewal of your legacy system and the migration to the cloud at the same time.

KonTra is open and can easily be integrated. This facilitates the realization of various scenarios.

KonTra enables a quick delivery of missing products, services or features.

Why KonTra is cloud ready?

KonTra uses proven standard technologies.