Model-based development

develop and operate digital products and services much faster and much more efficient, than you are used to! Concentrate on developing your business logic by creating a model!

KonTra is the environment, that enables this for you.

Using existing models

Being faster with higher quality

In any case you are much faster, as usually - and the quality will be much better at the same time. Our experience shows the following results, but we will also prove this by implementing your specific scenario.

our experience show savings of about

Renew and migrate to the cloud

KonTra is designed for maximum NFA requirements since it is originated as a core banking platform on the IBM mainframe, but it runs identically in a cloud environment.

So if you are planing the renewal of you mainframe based legacy system and a possible shift into the cloud, then KonTra is most likely the right solution for you.

Integrate flexible

But also, if you just have to provide new digital products, services or features much faster and cheaper, KonTra is easy to integrate in your existing environment.

See here the various posibilities: