Our Products

BlankBank - Account Management System and Posting Engine

BlankBank is a white label Corebanking System, that meets highest demands regarding performance, cost efficiency and flexibility. It contains account management, disposal and posting engine. The flexibility and speed of the design process of products and agreements is outstanding, which is enabled by the unique KonTra modeling technique.

All products of a bank or building society can be built quick and easily, using existing KonTra product templates.

"All functional aspects are configured."

The most important features and characteristics are

  • Processing of disposal- and posting orders
  • Management of products and customer agreements
  • Provisioning of data for account statements and reporting of any kind
  • 24/7 case-closing realtime processing
  • Multi-client-capability
  • Easy to integrate into various system environments
  • Highly configurable and extremely performant

$plash - Mobile Wallet

$plash is a holistic software solution for Mobile Payment, Loyalty, Couponing, and Campaigning.

It consists of a central server component for Data Management and Transaction Processing, a platform based mobile wallet, apps and app libraries for the different user groups consumer, dealers, etc..

$plash can be used stand alone or integrated in an existing application landscape.

The unique and extraordinary of $plash compared to competitive solutions is

  • the broad coverage of payment, loyalty, couponing and campaigning
  • the flexibility of the application logic provided by the KonTra platform

COR-Tax - Withholding Tax

COR-Tax is a software solution for the calculation of Settlement Tax in Germany.

The tax calculation module calculates positive and negative income as well as the equalization calculation.

COR-Tax calculates the final capital gains tax and provides all required certificates and reports. The service includes maintenance in case of changes of regulatory compliance.

"The KonTra based solution COR-Tax is successfully operated since 2009 by various banks in Germany in different system environments."