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supra quam gmbh is an independent IT development an consulting company, founded in the year 2000.

We support IT projects especially in the Financial Service Market with our consulting services and software solutions.

Years of experience in core banking is the basis of our services and our product.

With KonTra, we offer a highly efficient development and operating platform for financial products, tariff or billing systems.

KonTra based solutions are operated in various banks since 2009 - reliable and maintenence friendly.

With our network of experienced specialists of companies and freelancers - all enthused by the KonTra approach - we are at home at the IBM mainframe and the cloud as well.

Founder and Managing Director

In the 90s I worked in various IT projects. It was the time of model driven software development. But these approaches did't have any effect on project duration, cost and the quality of the results.

It was clear to me, that such an impact can only be made, if first, the models are seen as a unique specification by business and IT personal and second could be used directly as a runtime artifact.

As an OOA/OOD coach in a core banking project, I finally found an approach that made this possible at least for banking products. I founded the company supra quam and startet to bring my vision into reality by developing the product KonTra.

Today, I am more than ever convinced and I have proofed it many times, that with KonTra and it's underlying approach more than 60% of project duration and cost can be saved - and this at the same time coming with a much better quality.

Eberhard Stirm


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