Application services for backend systems

We develop application logic für backend systems much quicker, cheaper and at a higher quality than you are used to. And the operations is more flexible, more efficient and cheaper as well.

We help you,

  • when you need to develop new backend specific business logic under extreme time and cost pressure, but cannot make any compromise regarding quality.
  • when you need to make a renewal of your mainframe based legacy code and at the same time what to opening up a strategic option for a movement to private or public cloud.

We achieve this by KonTra, our development and operations platform, which was specifically designed for this challenge.

With KonTra you are modelling semantically unique models and bring them one-to-one into operations. the duration of requirement analysis, test and final acceptance will be radically shortened and coding will be obsolet. Since KonTra is running on IBM Mainframe and in the cloud identically, it facilitates renewal and migration to the cloud at the same time.

Financial Services and especially core banking are our core competencies, where our concept originated. But we see, that industries like Retail, Telecommunications or Suppliers with their complex tariff- or billing systems are facing the same challanges.